Membership - Føroya Fiskimannafelag

§ 2 Membership 

Women and men who sign on to a vessel, according to the contract of the Faroese Fishermen’s Union have membership rights. 

For retired fishermen who used to be members, do have the possibilities to change their active membership to a passive membership. 

It is possible to continue the membership if the conditions regarding the insurance policy is met. 

The membership fee is 1,25 percent of the wages. Usually, the shipping company is paying this fee as a set off. 

Passive members are paying DKK 100, - pr. Month. This fee should be transferred into account no. 9181 -120 -055.2 in Berti Banki. 

§ 3 Seamen’s department 

The fisherman’s Union has established an official seamen department for all its offshore members. 

By rules, which has been decided by a joint administration, the members of the seamen’s department do select a joint board of tree members with two deputy members. These joint boards appoint itself with a department chairman and a deputy chairman. 
The board of the seamen’s department appoints itself at the area of interest, this department with all necessary support from the company’s office and the company board, further regulations will be made regarding this. 

Members of the seamen departments participate equally with all other members of the Union, within the districts- and president of the Association elections, for the same membership fee.  

§ 4 Membership fee 

The Party Conference which is held 28th of December 2023 decides the fee for the membership, statements of bills and possibly Strike Fund fee.