Greetings from the Faroese Fishermen’s Union

Tórshavn 04.12.23

Dear fishermen,

Discount card

You can use the discount card in various shops around the country.

In some places you can get a discount up to 15%. For further information check our web side  


Life insurance - including accidents involving fishermen.

In 2009 the union made an agreement regarding life- & accident insurance with the Danish insurance company ALKA


Liability insurance

In our insurance policy are included several serious illnesses and joint liability insurances.

The fishermen are also covered in case of personal accidents, accidents to objects or to other persons. You will find the value of the insurance on the web side.


Security at sea

The Union is always alert regarding the security on board. Research in the Faroe Islands shows that fishermen do have the most dangerous work area. Too many fishermen do experience accidents, the Union is continually improving this.


Duty to disclose all facts.

As the chairman for the Union, I will urge you to be informed about your rights, both in regard to your shipping company and in regard to the insurance, you will find this info on our web side.

If you have any further questions, please call our office, phone no. +298 311569 for information’s.


Best regards

Føroya Fiskimannafelag 

The Faroese Fishermen’s Union

Jan Højgaard,